Inch Abbey

Ruins of Inch Abbey in Ireland

Inch Abbey


Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting project for Oin Interactive, the recreation of Inch Abbey into an interactive 3D – Model and the creation of an informative application for smart phones.  This project requires a lot of research, so there was no time to waste; we were off to Down Patrick for some on-site exploration!

Ruins of Inch Abbey in Ireland

We met with expert archaeologist Terence Reeves-Smyth, Historical Artist Philip and Department of Environment Photographer Gale to discuss how we should proceed.  Thankfully, the weather was uncommonly decent and we were able to grab some shots of the abbey and jot down some details on the layout, colour and various small but important aspects of the site.

inside the ruins of inch abbey


Accuracy and detail are extremely important for a project such as this and studying the ruins can only tell us so much.  Thankfully, some of Philip’s previous work includes an accurate painting of how historians believed the Abbey would have looked like, before it was destroyed.

how inch abbey may have looked

The 3D-Model will allow the user to explore inside the abbey and its surroundings with great detail.  We will also be using the 3D-Model for the smart phone application, along with sound for a better understanding of what specific parts of the Abbey were used for and to better immerse the user.

View of inch abbey and the river uoile


Check back for future updates!

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