Halo4 disk did not install

So, being the massive Halo fan that I am, I couldn’t wait to play 343 studio’s take on the massively popular and innovative gaming series. The new Halo 4 was just released this week, but, being so busy with work and other things of a not so trivial nature, I didn’t have any time to really play the game until yesterday.


Sunday evening, after work, I loaded the second disk, prepped and ready for the spartan onslaught.  But, before you can play multi-player, you must install the disk onto the hard drive.


The disk got 90% completed but then bombed out and left me with a error notice.


I tried various fixes like cleaning the xbox,  deleting a few GB of space from my HDD, clearing the cache etc, but nothing was working!


It was when I decided to clean the disk that I seem a nasty scratch on the disk.


I could not believe this was happening to me, and instead of my usual approach to things that are broken (spending time trying to fix it) I just headed back to the store and they gave me a replacement.


Morale of the story? sometimes it’s better to just return it.


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