This app Will teach you the names of Animals in Irish or Gaeilge, Some people want to learn Irish, this Vocabulary app will teach you in Gaeilge over 25 New words, The Word of Animals in Ireland. Words that can be learned and used in everyday life. This is the simple goal of this app to teach the user the Basics of how to say 25 Words in Irish, So the user learns new Irish Vocabulary.

Post Highscore

  • Play the Game and post high scores, you can play the game until you beat your last score, and when you are happy you can post your high score to the Leaderboard, Try and beat your friends scores. After using the app to interact with the animals and learn the sounds and words. you can test yourself to see how well you know the animals.

Hear Sounds

  • Interact with the animals and learn how to pronounce each word. you can hear the sound and see how to spell each word. There are two boards full of animals to learn, if you would like to see more or want to recommend any we have missed please leave a comment in the box below.  


  • Explore the world and learn the names of each animal in an interactive space, This scene is best used in a classroom environment as the Educator can direct the pupils and tell them what to find and how to say it, and hear it.

Help / Support

  • If you are stuck with any aspect of this app and need support please get in touch using the comment form below. We will try and come back to you as soon as possible.