Raidio Failte New Website

Raidio Failte Website Redesign   Upon first seeing the Raidió Fáilte website, it was obvious why they were wanting a complete redesign of how the website looked and how it functioned.  Among the bugs, broken links, missing files, bad coding … Read MoreRead More

Halo4 disk did not install

So, being the massive Halo fan that I am, I couldn’t wait to play 343 studio’s take on the massively popular and innovative gaming series. The new Halo 4 was just released this week, but, being so busy with work … Read MoreRead More

CD, Inlay Booklet and DigiPack Design for Local Musicians

This week seen Oin Interactive get a repeat job from a happy client. The Patience Family are releasing a new album called Parkrow Road. This is a traditional Harp Music collection, Artists from Co Down, and we are happy to … Read MoreRead More

computer repair - health and safety is important

Health and Safety – PC Repair

Health and Safety – PC Repair   People often ignore the risks involved in opening and operating on your computers interior, or many people don’t realize just how dangerous it can be.  Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, health … Read MoreRead More

What Thermal Paste should I use

What is Thermal Paste?   Thermal paste is a conductive material used to allow better flow of heat between two or more objects.  In the computer world, it is used on heat sinks that are connected to the CPU and … Read MoreRead More

New Logo for the Granvue Hotel Omeath

Recently a new client approached me about making a New Logo Design for their Business, the management thought it was time to go through a re brand to refresh the business, a Modern , contemporary Hotel in Omeath, Co Louth … Read MoreRead More

Latest Billboard Design for Belfast Client

  Féile na Carraige kicks off with a Splash of Colour. This week Oin Interactive finished a Billboard design for a client based in west Belfast.It has been a year since we did a large scale billboard design, the last … Read MoreRead More

Logo Design for the Irish Astronomical Trail

Taking a look at Logo Re-Design, this week we finished off a new logo for a local client. The Irish Astronomical Trail, Although we are based in Belfast and they are based in Dublin, Ireland, there was no problems with … Read MoreRead More

un-clipping ram lock

How to upgrade or replace your computers ram

How to upgrade or replace your computers ram   Level:  Beginner   Time Taken:  5 -10 minutes   What you will need:   Philip’s screwdriver Compatible Ram Module   Upgrading or replacing your computers ram is an easy task, just … Read MoreRead More

ram modules

How much ram can windows 7/vista/xp take

How much ram can windows 7/vista/xp take     Before you buy your ram, make sure your computer can take use the type of ram you are buying, check here for a guide to choosing the right ram for your … Read MoreRead More

2GB ram

Choosing the right ram for your computer

Choosing the right ram for your computer   With an ever increasing pool of different kinds of ram out there, it’s no surprise that people are often confused about what kind of ram they need for their computer.  Here is … Read MoreRead More

How to repair Sony MDR v700 headphones

Oin Interactive recently had to repair a pair of High Quality Headphones. They were Sony MDR v700 DJ headphones. With only one lead going into a single ear speaker. This is preferential for Dj’ing as you cant have leads trailing … Read MoreRead More

When planning your website

  We always emphasise the importance of planning your website’s design, the reason for this? Just have a browse around the internet and you will find copious amounts of bad websites born out of poor planning, and I’ am not … Read MoreRead More

image of the car college homepage

The Car College Website re-design

Our latest project is a website re-design of  The Car College, a driving school who offer car and motorcycle lessons.   The reasons for the re-design were numerous, the goal of the website is to convert traffic into clients, the … Read MoreRead More

Ruins of Inch Abbey in Ireland

Inch Abbey

Inch Abbey   Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting project for Oin Interactive, the recreation of Inch Abbey into an interactive 3D – Model and the creation of an informative application for smart phones.  This project requires … Read MoreRead More

new mhic reachtain brochure 2012

Mhic Reachtain brochure 2012

The new brochure from Mhic Reachtain is now available for download from their website.   The brochure details events that will take place in Belfast through 2012, some of these events include: … Read More

website for events in northern ireland

Website launch of John Forde Promotions

Wondering whats on in Northern Ireland? Oin Interactive’s newest website design is for the concert/party/comedy gig promoters ‘John Forde Promotions’.  If you are ever in Belfast, Newry or Dublin and are looking for something to do, make sure you check … Read MoreRead More

Visit the new Mhic Reachtain Irish Language website

Mhic Reachtain Website Launch

Mhic Reachain Mhic Reachtain launch their new bilingual website (29/06/12), the website design was developed by Oin Interactive. … Read More

place screws around the bezel

How to replace a MacBook 13.3 Screen

Replacing a 13″ MacBook screen   A client recently brought us a MacBook, the screen was badly damaged and needed replaced.  We decided to document the process and post it here to help anyone who needs to replace their MacBook … Read MoreRead More